Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Thanks, CONvergence!

There's still a lot to recover from and to process, but I want to express my thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers who put CONvergence together this year. There were some incredible panels and conversations, art, and costumes on display.

It was good to reconnect with so many professionals and fans throughout the weekend! I'm looking forward to next year's gathering as they mark 25 years of coming together. You can see many of my photos from this year over at Flickr. 

It was wonderful seeing Lao American playwright Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay as a Guest of Honor at this event, and she represented the community well throughout her panels, discussing everything from kung fu zombies to refugee life hacks and Asian folklore. Be sure to visit her at SaymoukdatheRefugenius.com

I was delighted to see SFPA Vice-President Sandra J. Lindow win the very first CONvergence Poetry Slam, and I look forward to seeing many more of these in the years ahead, as there were some fine poets presenting and sharing their work this year.

The panel on Get Out went very well with some great comments and observations made by panelists and audience members alike, even at a late point in the evening. It was clear there were many more points to be made. I appreciate Gregory Parks for bringing us all together for that.

Now the hamster wheel is already starting to spin on what to propose for next year's panels!

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