Friday, August 03, 2012

TalkingImageConnection: Hedge Magic

This weekend the Soap Factory in Minneapolis is closing its show, Hedge Magic. On Saturday, the acclaimed TalkingImageConnection Series is presenting their response to the works found in this group exhibition. The exhibition was drawn from their annual artist submissions, with artists examining issues of transformation, interpretation, reclamation and the super-natural.

Lao American poet Saymoukda Vongsay will be reading poems about "schizophrenics, raging weather, and dusty corpses." 

TalkingImageConnection, or TIC, is an organization that connects emerging poets and writers with adventurous visual artists and new audiences. Participating artists include Chris Lawrence, David Hamlow, Jess Hirsch, Amy Reckley, Meredith Foster, Peter Goché, Keith Lemley. The poets from TalkingImageConnection involved this month are Saymoukda Vongsay, Dennis Cass, Heid Erdrich, Jean Marie Larson, Matt Mauch, R. Vincent Moniz Jr., and the lead organizer, Alison Morse. 

In their note on the exhibition, the Soap Factory notes that it "has always been a nexus of transformation between the various states of matter. The ancient woodlands of pre-Columbian Minnesota were felled to provide the columns that support our building; clay was dug from the banks of the Mississippi to make the bricks that provide our walls; the National Purity Soap Company rendered animal fat in vast cauldrons to make the soap that gives our building and organization its name. Whereas the factory changed states of matter, artists working in our building work their transformations on both matter and states of being." 

They explain the theme of Hedge Magic came from a long tradition. "In old Europe, the hedge priest was an itinerant preacher, a free agent regarded with suspicion by authority and reverence by his flock. Hedge Magic is a practice without a regard for the mediation of a higher power, a non-hermetic magic based on intuition rather than dogma. It is inspired by found materials: the refuse, rubbish and discarded ingredients of the hedgerows and the waste grounds. It is a belief system both smaller and more intimate, as well as wider and more encompassing, recognizing the importance of the chaotic detail that creates the whole. Selected as part of The Soap Factory’s annual submissions program, the artists in Hedge Magic all look at the processes of transformation and interpretation through the super-natural lens of art; the artist as the interrogator of the secret process of nature and culture."

Join them on Saturday night if you can!

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