Monday, November 24, 2014

Contemplating Gop Nyai: The Frog Who Eats the Moon

Gop Nyai: ກົບໃຫຍ່, The Lao refer to a lunar eclipse as "The Frog Devouring the Moon" and often shoot at the moon and make noise to scare the frog away.

Gop Nyai is the giant 'frog' who returns time and time again to eat the moon. What would it eat next, if it succeeds?  Some accounts suggest it is not a giant frog at all, but skeptics should consider: If it were not a serious threat to the moon, why would elders and ancestors bother making so much clamor to chase it away?

It's entirely possible that the term "frog" is NOT really accurate, but a placeholder term. "Frog" may be closest thing to describe such an entity. It might be oozy, repulsive and horrifying, titanic and capable of devouring the moon for its own ends, possibly turning its attention to the fabled Mount Meru at the center of the Multiverse next.

Just something to consider.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

[Poem] Laostronauts


We weren’t first.
We bickered and chafed.
There was a doubt of equations and purpose.

There were poems and dances,
Bawdy jokes, undocumented heroics.
Lost tools. Fumes and shouts.

At least one species went extinct before
We were through. Some sort of salamander, I think.

A beauty sang “Champa Muang Lao”
Last night by the gantry.
There were fireworks over Vientiane.

We called her The Kinnaly to take us to space.
We’ll return to earth, legends of science
Starting something…

A chain reaction of the soul?

We’re a long way from alchemy and pure karma.
These suits are heavy, just to touch something

           So freely.

A scene from Laomerica, 2557

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Locus Magazine covers the 2014 Elgin Awards and Dwarf Star Awards

A big thanks to Locus Magazine for covering the 2014 Elgin Awards. I won the Book of the Year award for my collection DEMONSTRA (Innsmouth Free Press, 2013).

Helen Marshall won for Chapbook of the Year for "The Sex Lives of Monsters" (Kelp Queen Press, 2013).

The awards are conferred by the international Science Fiction Poetry Association, founded in 1978 by Suzette Haden Elgin, and selected by a vote from the active membership of almost 300 poets.