Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Blogs To Check Out

Check out Burlee Vang's blog:

Where is the child I was, still inside me or gone?

Over recent years, Burlee has been an energetic figure promoting a new generation of Hmong American writers in Fresno. An award-winning writer, his poetry and short stories are gaining a lot of attention and for good reason. And he makes damn fun Hmong horror movies when he gets around to it. Keep it up, Burlee!

Yeah, this is a good shot of him, but you should see the blackmail photos we've got of this guy...

And not a new blog but more of an update: Harlow's Monkey has moved over to so be sure to fix your links to match that, if you haven't already.

Another member of the ruthless simian conspiracy determined to rule the world!

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