Thursday, March 01, 2007

Today, In A Nutshell.


Anonymous said...

I Lllove it!

and I hate that my job is leaving me helpless and making me angry about the weather. I love snow, and I've really missed it - you see, to me, we're finally getting Winter here, and since I moved south back to the Cities here, I find I've missed it. :/

Oh, sorry to have missed the last Lofty thing - missed it in the calendar (and I wasn't feeling up to snuff either, sad to say).

Sidenote: Had to shovel the drive and unbury vehicles twice today, too! ;)


Ben Maxwell said...

Congratulations, Bryan. I wish I had your success in getting my verse published. But, as you know, I have thus far only managed that with prose fiction. Regards to Ka Vang.

For those who wish to sample the aforementioned fiction, the book is titled United America: 2014 by Ben Maxwell, ISBN No. 1-4241-5273-9, presently available on-line at, but by its official release date of May 7, it should also be available on and other on-line sites and in bookstores throughout the US.