Monday, November 12, 2007

Media and Adoption

This has been a long year. And it looks to get even longer.

I'm going to be civil,but I do think it's rather tragic when, next to mainstream media, a parody newspaper, The Onion, still has said about all that needs to be said with the classic 2006 article: "My Adopted Daughter Is The Most Beautiful Child In The Third World."

And in the meantime:
I'll refrain from editorializing about this classic, fascinating video.


sume said...
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sume said...

Bryan, how could you?!!! >_<

Bryan Thao Worra said...

Lol. Very easily. :) I'm sure I have noooooooooo idea what you're talking about, though. ;)

crinklequirk said...

Ooh, that's bad!

I wonder if it was Paul or Y who posted that video about a year ago?

Tsk, tsk, young man!

crinklequirk said...

Okay. . . just read the article:


And just WHY do you think we rescued T from Yinghua?! That article perfectly described the "parent" board (well, the ones whose children were actually in the school, as opposed to the one who had the exact same attitudes, just only had her real, natural children. . . in another school). And except for me, the "upstart" from the multicultural fusion family.

Don't you know, I "actually found a Chinese and made kids with him" they didn't say, and I am fecund (they're not) and I'm not yuppie-rich (they are) and wasting time and money on useless things with no conscience (they are). . .

PRICELESS article - Go, Onion!

And Go, B, for passing it on!

Ooh, hope it wasn't too painful, passing that one. . . ;> lol

Minh said...

"Oh, praise the Lord, halleluja! To be fed and jump rope all day for the glory of God makes up for all the sinning we did back in Oriental-Land." LOL. How does this video not qualify as child abuse?

amanda said...

dear lord,

that onion article made me laugh and cry. they always nail it perfectly, don't they?