Friday, September 03, 2010

Issue 5 of Innsmouth Free Press: October 4

Issue 5 of Innsmouth Free Press is scheduled to be online October 4. Suspenseful stories that will be appearing in this issue include:

  • Kenneth Yu - The Music of Senor Lorenzo 
  • Paul Jessup- The Night We Burned Our Hearts Out 
  • Tom Hamilton - The Changeling 
  • Martin Hayes - Beneath the Cold Black Sea 
  • Jarrid Deaton - Borgan's Deli 
  • Julio Toro San Martin - The Green World 
  • James Lecky - The Song of Tussagaroth 
  • Cheryl McCreary - Nibbling 

As usual, I've been contributing Monster Bytes this season to the Free Press, from a profile on the Prince of Yuggoth, to story on a strange bee attack and anti-graffiti measures in that storied harbor. The editors have been keeping wonderfully active and prompting some fun explorations of H.P. Lovecraft's fictional landscape. I look forward to seeing what emerges with the new issue.

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