Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Broader View of Science Fiction Poetry

Up at Amazing Stories, F.J. Bergmann has a new post up on "A Broader View of Science Fiction Poetry" that I think is an interesting and valid retort to Paul Cook's inflammatory "Why Science Fiction Poetry Is Embarassingly Bad" which has caused something of a stir among those who are interested in both science fiction and poetry.

I've written at length about the interesting things I've found going on in Asian American speculative poetry at Locus, and guest-edited an Asian American issue of Eye to the Telescope. I'd prefer to simply say Cook's arguments are well-intentioned, but largely invalid. There are clunkers that come to the surface once in a while, but I think some of our more interesting work of the last thirty years in Asian American literature is coming from the corners of speculative literature and particularly speculative poetry. I suppose we'll know 38,000 years from now who was right.

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