Thursday, March 19, 2015

Featured at Asians Doing Everything

This week I was featured over at Asians Doing Everything. I appreciate the shoutout, and I encourage others to share their stories with the community. This looks like a promising project and I look forward to seeing the other entries as they get posted.

The creators explain: "Asians Doing Everything recognizes and celebrates the work being done by Asians and Pacific Islanders around the world. We transcend the roles often given to us by popular media; we're not just doctors, sidekicks, and nail salon owners...although we are those too. We pursue an infinite variety of jobs. But we are also passionate about things not connected to a paycheck. This blog seeks to uncover how we operate as striking, multifaceted, and global movers and shakers within our communities and economies."

But what's your story?

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