Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Book of Three Gates funding now!

I'll be contributing an essay to The Book of Three Gates from Strix Publishing, examining connections between Southeast Asia and Lovecraftian esoterica. :) So here's something to keep a tri-lobed eye out for. It's currently funding via Kickstarter, and is from Simon Berman and his associates who brought you the exceptional Book of Starry Wisdom last year!

"The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be." —H.P. Lovecraft, The Dunwich Horror

The Book of Three Gates compiles newly edited editions of H.P. Lovecraft’s public domain stories of eldritch horror, edited and produced by Simon Berman, and illustrated by renowned deific and fantasy artist, Valerie Herron (The Book of the Great Queen, The Book of Starry Wisdom).

Accompanied by essays and musings by some of today’s premiere Lovecraftian scholars, writers, and devotees, The Book of Three Gates will be a luxurious 11.25" x 8.5", approximately 180 page hardback tome, featuring a leather textured cover with gold foil pressed symbols of significance to the Opener of Ways, 12 interior B&W illustrations, end papers displaying a map of the Township of Dunwich, as well as other features to be unlocked as the Kickstarter meets its stretch goals. This premium volume is a companion to The Book of Starry Wisdom and will be a stunning addition to the library of any enthusiast of H.P. Lovecraft or worshipper of the Old Ones.

The Book of Three Gates centers upon three of Lovecraft's stories in which the ways between worlds have been shattered, transgressed, or violated:

The Dunwich Horror
The Dreams in the Witch House
The Haunter of the Dark

These iconic tales are accompanied by newly unearthed essays and mad ravings that blur the line between fact and fiction, science and madness.

The Book of Three Gates, like it's companion volume, The Book of Starry Wisdom, is meant to provide an immersive experience. Lovecraft's stories are full of hideous tomes of forbidden knowledge, and my hope is that these editions will make the reader feel that they are delving into those unspeakable horrors just like the protagonists of stories like The Dunwich Horror, or The Dreams in the Witch House. It's to that end that I've paired these stories with a selection of superb writers tasked with eroding the fourth wall between Lovecraft's fiction and fact.

Gorgons and Hydras, and Chimaeras—dire stories of Celaeno and the Harpies—may reproduce themselves in the brain of superstition—but they were there before. They are transcripts, types—the archetypes are in us, and eternal. —Charles Lamb, Witches and Other Night-Fears

Contributors include:

Adam Scott Glancy (Delta Green)

Orrin Grey (Never Bet The Devil & Other Warnings, The Cult of Headless Men)

A.S. Koi (Honor & Sacrifice (Tribes of Heaven))

Evan Peterson (The Midnight Channel, Producer; SHRIEK: Women of Horror)

C.A. Suleiman (The Lost Citadel, Mummy: the Curse)

Don Webb (Overthrowing the Old Gods: Aleister Crowley and the Book of the Law, Uncle Setnakt's Night Book)

Bryan Thao Worra (Demonstra, On the Other Side of the Eye)

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