Friday, June 29, 2007

[Travel] Avoid Free Wi-Fi Scams at Airports

Having personally run into a number of both legitimate and 'suspect' networks at airports across the US while speaking this year, I strongly suggest keeping this article from Asian American Press in mind, whether you're an artist, student, tourist or on business.

It seems a lot of fake 'free wi-fi' networks are being set up in airports. As many of my readers travel frequently I say: Pay attention and don't get scammed!

Key tips to remember from the Better Business Bureau:
Never connect to an unfamiliar ad-hoc network—even if the name sounds genuine. Hackers can change the name of their network to anything they want, including the name of the legitimate Internet connection offered by the airport.

Just because it has the same name as the Wi-Fi advertised in the airport, don't believe it. Double-check!

• Make sure your computer is not set up to automatically connect to non-preferred networks. Otherwise your computer could automatically connect to the hacker's network without your knowledge.

Turn off file sharing when you're on the road to prevent hackers from stealing entire documents, files and unencrypted e-mail from your computer.

Stay safe out there!

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