Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Help Stop the Vang Deportation

This was brought to my attention by my colleague, Nira Ly in Washington, DC.

If you can sign the petition, and pass it on to some friends, it would be nice to get them some support. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Vang_Family/index.html

The Hmong community in Michigan has made amazing strides there over the years in spite of a marked lack of support compared to that of many other states.

The Vang family needs your help.

At the moment, the family of Guy, Genevieve, Caroline and Melanie Vang face deportation in 3 months due to a terrible mess of the present immigration policy in the U.S.

After 18 years in this country, the Vangs have been a positive, productive part of the Michigan community- they became economically self-sufficient, private business owners and encouraged education in their children, friends and family. A full summary of the case is available at the petition site, but they need your help. It takes all of two seconds to sign it to help them out.

And in the long-term? If you can write your legislators asking for more humane immigration reform policies, this will really help us all.

(Although I have to say, ipetitions.com is a little pushy about asking for donations, but that's par for the course these days.)


Anonymous said...

Signed yesterday.


Deanna said...

Why does it always seen to be 'somone elses' fault? Why couldn't the Vang family call the officials every month or 6 months or once a year for 10 years to get something done. Just sitting around and waiting, like maybe thinking that if nothing was said they could get by with staying..........maybe they would slip through the cracks and get to stay. Fine, they pay taxes. Did their girls get scholarships to go to college or did mom and dad pay for it with savings?
This is totally NOT P.C., but it's my comment. Thankfully, I am a citizen of the United States of America!! I need not worry about being deported. But, if I were waiting on the government, I think I'd be a little more pro-active in my legalization.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with you. I, for one, will not sign the petition.

Anonymous said...

They were not sitting around...waiting.

They were working, establishing their own business, and making a positive contribution to this society.
Which is more than what you can say about some citizens born in this country living on welfare generation after generation using up your precious taxpayer money.

INS is another bloated govt agency replete with redtape and where the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

Isn't it more logical and morally outstanding to let this family stay and for INS to focus on deporting the real illegal immigrants who have no legal paperwork and just swam or ran across the border and their dependents.

PC has nothing to do with this.

Anonymous said...

It is a disgrace that the government took so long. They were to busy wanting to get an Illegal Alien / Immigration bill in for the cheap labor. The Vang family did everything that they were to do and cooperated as much as they could. It is the fault of the government on this one; the Vang’s are the type of people we want in this country, not lawbreakers who the government coddles up to. Good luck Vang family.

enjerth said...


As someone who has gone through the immigration process, waiting is about all you CAN do. You can call to inquire about your case status, and that's about all.

Have you ever called a place of business to be put on hold "until the next customer service representative is available" for an hour and a half? And then they can't tell you anything except the status of your case (pending, processing, approved or denied)? Short of contacting your congressman (for which you'd need a sufficient reason, of which waiting is not) there's nothing you can do to help things along. USCIS (formerly INS) is without doubt the most confusing, slowest and most inefficient branch of the government. You don't get ANY options with them. You do things their way, regardless. Which often means you sit and wait for a letter.

I totally understand the frustration that this hideous branch of our government has caused this family to suffer. I support them completely.

Nisha said...

I personally know Caroline vang! She is a wonderful person and deserves every right to be here! I pretty sure she is doing more for her community then any of you are! She is the founder and leader of my community service group, which is called, TNT mentor club! She is trying to change the world and make the children of this contry better! And she could nothing but wait. The government always told her that they would get back to her and her family!