Wednesday, January 30, 2008

194 By 2194!

Sooooooooooo because I like to set fun challenges for myself but also like to give myself enough lead time to achieve them. (ahem...)

My new goal is to get at least ONE copy of On The Other Side Of The Eye in every single country on Earth.

Well, as of today, January 30th, 2008. By 2194.

That makes it: 193 or 194, depending on who you talk to.

Mind you, this isn't as easy as me just shipping a copy to every country's national library. I would consider that cheating. :)

Now, if someone else bought a copy and donated it to that country's library, then no. That would not be cheating, and it would totally count.

So far: Canada, the United States of America, Australia, and England are confirmed and covered. 190 to go, with 186 years left!

This should be easy enough! Wish me luck! :)

And just to remind us what those 194 are:

1 comment:

Yellow Rage said...

omg thank you for posting up this song. i totally remembered this (and "wheel of morality turn turn turn"). i had a friend in high school who taped and learned the whole song.

i have a friend who travels, so ithink i can get one in israel, egypt and jamaica. depending on where my friend sok goes for her family vacay, we can get on in asia too ;)