Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Lao Puppetry: Théâtre d'objets Kabong Lao

Leuthmany Insisiengmay is the Director of Théâtre d'objets Kabong Lao, an offshoot of the Central Puppet Troupe.

They were established in 2001 with assistance from Michel Laubu, founder of Lyon-based Turak Theatre.

Théâtre d'objets Kabong Lao has six members who perform a contemporary style of puppetry known as hun kabong, developed in 1999 with assistance from French experts.

The puppets are made from recycled materials and the troupe develops its own stories which feature both human and animal characters.

The company places strong emphasis on artistic form, with object and actor in close collaboration.

The group aspires to reach children in schools and youth centres and to spread interest in the development of creative pursuits.

Théâtre d'objet Kabong Lao has toured in France, Portugal, Sweden, Cambodia, Thailand, China and Japan.

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