Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Green Mango in Tennessee

In Murfreesboro, The Green Mango is a Laotian-owned business that broke new ground in the city as the first shop to serve bubble tea there. The Green Mango is located near the Middle Tennessee State University campus at 1513 E. Main St.

Like several businesses established by Laotians in Tennessee, The Green Mango blends several functions to meet the diverse needs of its clients. In addition to being a coffee shop, it features free wi-fi internet, entertainment via a 47" flatscreen TV, a Southeast Asian deli and a small grocery store, and the Khammoungs are expanding several offerings depending on the interests of their regular customers.

Founded by brother and sister Jack and Tina Khammoung in November, 2008, after Jack was bought out by Nissan, this is a very fun little shop that's just starting to make itself known.

There's a lot to recommend about the shop, which is well-decorated and well-stocked, providing a great atmosphere for shoppers and students for either quick visits or extended stops to visit and study between classes.

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