Monday, August 03, 2009

Shark Week Poems

In a surprising move of good humor, the Academy of American Poets has posted an article regarding sharks and Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

Some notable poets cited for their work regarding sharks include Carl Sandburg, Herman Melville, who proves he didn't write just about whales, Robert Graves, James Russell Lowell, Martin Espada and Denise Levertov among others.

From my body of work, the two poems of mine most notable for their shark imagery would be The Shape (found in On The Other Side Of The Eye) and Bangkok Arrival (found in The Tuk-Tuk Diaries: My Dinner With Cluster Bombs).

Idly speaking, my favorite shark film is the over-the-top Deep Blue Sea, although Open Water and Jaws also hold high places in my book, as far as the shark vs. humans genre goes.

Personally, I'm rather fond of the hammerhead shark, although this has very little effect on many things. Cheers, and welcome to Shark Week!

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