Monday, March 14, 2011

MN Arts Count Census. Be Counted!

Whether a personal or professional interest, arts are important to you - and to the quality of life in Minnesota. The Minnesota Legacy Amendment passed in 2008 helps support creative expression through grants dispersed by the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council and the Minnesota State Arts Board.

As part of dedicating funding to the arts from the Amendment, the state legislature has called for the Minnesota State Arts Board and the state's Regional Arts Councils to conduct a census of artists and artistic organizations to measure the far-reaching influence of the arts in the state.

The Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, along with the Minnesota State Arts Board, invites anyone who, professionally or personally, engages in any and every form of creative expression to participate in the MN Arts Count census. Do you sing? Act? Dance? Write? Draw? Paint? Sculpt? Photograph? Weave? Play an instrument? Compose?

No matter how well or how publicly you share your talents, be proud and be counted.

Go to to complete the census. If you prefer, paper surveys are available by calling
800-748-3222 ext. 225.

Help us spread the word. Tell your friends to be counted, too!

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colfaxgirl said...

Bryan, thanks for posting this! All the best to you. Jen Garner