Sunday, May 05, 2013

Barbara Jane Reyes poems "To Love as Aswang" and "To Be Prey"

Barbara Jane Reyes has a great pair of poems she's sharing over at her blog at "To Love as Aswang" and "To Be Prey," which, like most of her pieces can be entered into many different ways. The Aswang is a classic Filipino horror, and the question is: Do you need to know that to appreciate the poem? I suspect you might not have to, but it becomes enjoyable if you do. She goes into the behind the scenes of the poem, which she considers a multivocal poem.

I'd personally love to classify it under speculative poetry, but some might not see it as a poem that can or needs to be classified as such. It's possible "The poem just 'is'."

But check it out, and see how it might change how you approach your own work. Or not.

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