Saturday, May 04, 2013

[Steampunk] Lao Space Program: A cue from Hungary?

So, while pondering a retro-steampunk approach to consider what MIGHT a Lao space program have looked like if we'd participated during the late 1800s and early 1990s, at I09,  Attila Nagy found several "Hungarian scientific journals, most of them are from the early Fifties, depicting the future Soviet space activities like launching one or more stage rockets, travelling to the Moon, constructing space stations."

I'll have to talk with my colleagues at Village Science and a few others, especially with recent renewed interest in the aftermath of the success of 'The Rocket' to see what would have been a possible branch-off point and likely arc for Lao rocketeers to emerge based on available materials and parallel technology and capacity at the time.

Perhaps rice rockets might actually have become a real thing, and not a diminuating pejorative as it is in the present?

Lao humor being what it is, perhaps we could even see the same process used to distill Lao Lao rice whisky to make Lao rocket fuel. Time to get back to the notes...

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