Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Crowdfunding a conscientious cup of coffee: Jhai Coffee in Laos

Little Laos on the Prairie has an interview with Janelle Kaczmarzewski of the Jhai Coffee House, which is running an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a philanthropic coffee roaster and cafe in Paksong, Laos. Profits will go to assist water purification efforts in the region as well.

It's a very intriguing project that has the support of many great people with big hearts. I hope that this will also energize others to give careful consideration to social entrepreneurship in Laos and in their own communities to change our world for the better. 

In the first day, the campaign has already raised almost 20% but hopefully they can keep the momentum going over the next 30 days and bring greater awareness to the needs and the opportunities in Laos. I'd strongly encourage you to consider donating to the project. They have a great vision, and it's a much needed project abroad. 

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