Saturday, November 02, 2013

National Novel Writing Month is here again

National Novel Writing Month is here! As is National Blog Writing Month, which I think is far more entertaining and easy to do. This year, I'm particularly encouraging Lao American writers to take up the challenge so that we have a good variety of texts to consider that can get ready for publication in 2015, the 40thish anniversary of the Lao Diaspora. 

Over at Little Laos on the Prairie, we're discussing our hopes and expectations of the Great Lao American Novel. If you can write it, that would of course be awesome. If you can finish it during NaNoWriMo, at least a first draft, that, too, would be exceptional. But our admonition to respect craft and to take care with the stories you want to tell remains firm. 

Be sure to chime in with your ideas of what you want out of the Great Lao American Novel!

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