Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On building an international readership

Looking back as a writer, I'll share this for those of you who are just starting:

Don't be afraid to seek out an international audience from the outset.

You're still going to get a lot of rejections from the international journals but you'll also be learning more about what your global readership is looking for and what they're interested in.

There's some schools of literary thought that say you should just focus on your home game first.

I can see that fear some people have. They feel that sharing your work in other countries before you're acclaimed in the US, for example, would be like going to a party without without pants or something. But that's just fear. And fears are meant to be overcome.

My first big breaks, and big lessons, some of them harder than others, mind you, came from abroad. Once you can get the interest of your international readers, though? I think your home game becomes much smoother.

Just some food for thought.

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