Thursday, October 09, 2014

Asian American horror poetry?

So, it's Halloween season and as good a time as any to ask: What are some of your favorite examples of Asian American horror poetry?

Personally, I'd certainly cite collections like Burlee Vang's 2010 collection "The Dead I Know: Incantation for Rebirth," from Swan Scythe Press. Bao Phi's "The Godzilla Sestina" is also another example, as is El Guante's "Haunted Studio Apartment" spoken word album from Tru Roots. El Guante's "Love In the Time of Zombies" is a well-known standout of his.

Barbara Jane Reyes has a number of pieces I think are worth considering that employ a number of elements we might find within horror poetry. I'd also look at the work of Wei-Ming Dariotis and Lee Ann Roripaugh.  Cathy Park Hong's Dance Dance Revolution is a post-apocalyptic work, so I can see some questioning whether different movements within it can be classified as a "horror poem" within the conventional sense. But I think it's worth a look.

Who else would you recommend lately?

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