Monday, October 27, 2014

Reminder: Reading this week in Petaluma

A last reminder, I'll be reading this Wednesday in Petaluma at the Aqus Cafe at 189 H. Street starting at 7 PM with other horror luminaries including Constance Ann Fitzgerald, Spike Marlowe, Christoper Reynaga, and Andrew Goldfarb, the Slow Poisoner, thanks to the madness of Ross E. Lockhart, the editor of The Book of Cthulhu.  It's free and the only Halloween reading I'm doing this year!

I'll be sharing a few poems from DEMONSTRA and BARROW for the occasion!
Constance Ann Fitzgerald lives in the Bay Area where she works in an adult shop, collecting stories about creeps. She can often be found talking to dogs and scribbling in notebooks.

Spike Marlowe and her Siamese twin sister were born to academics in Provo, Utah during the region's speculative fiction renaissance. Since her teenage years, when Spike's parents and sister entered the Federal Witness Protection Program--which necessitated the surgical separation of Spike from her sister (if you buy her a couple drinks and ask nicely, Spike may show you the scars)--she has held a variety of odd jobs, including a performer in a wild west show, detective, Bigfoot researcher and writer for an Internet content farm. Recently she found her calling as a Bizarro author. When she's not writing fiction she works as a street busker in San Francisco. At night she fights crime.

Christopher Reynaga is a storyteller. In this day and age that translates as novelist, raconteur, and your humble narrator. He is a recipient of the Bazanella Literary Award and Writers of the Future Award, and has stories appearing in such diverse places as The American River Literary Review, Cemetery Dance, The Book of Cthulhu 2, The Drabblecast, and Giganotosaurus. Strange or magical things have a tendency to happen in his reality.

Reminiscent of Edward Gorey and Jim Woodring, A. Goldfarb writes bizarro comic books and illustrated novels. currently suffers from acute myopia and an inflammation of the olfactory organs. He is reputed to be buried in San Francisco, with occasional resurrections in New Orleans. He performs as a one man surrealistic rock and roll band under the moniker “The Slow Poisoner,” singing songs of will-o-the-wisps and woebegone wretches.

Be sure to catch us all this evening as we regale you with tales of the bizarre and horrifying...

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