Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Watch out multiverse! New AAPI SFF writers coming

It's a wrap! My pilot course "Gods and Demons: Writing From Your Own Pantheon" with the students from Kearny Street Workshop has completed! A big thank youuuuu to my dedicated students for a fun little jaunt into the world of horror and genre writing!

Over the course of a month we discussed everything from the history of AAPI in American literature and media to Filipino horrors such as the Aswang, spoken word poetry, Cthulhu, the Monomoyth, anthropomorphic rabbits, J-Horror, Hmong spirits, Lao grandmother ghosts, tentacles and microfiction, and much, much, much more.

Now comes the correspondence portion, centered on polishing their pieces and finding their work nice homes. Keep an eye out in your inboxes, editors! We'll be having them turn in their short stories, poems and micro-fiction in short order in the coming months ahead!

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