Monday, May 08, 2017

Primer to Bryan Thao Worra's Science Fiction Poetry

Over the years, I've been giving  numerous presentations and lectures across the country regarding the importance of encouraging refugees to express not only their memories but their dreams and imagination in their creative works. Because of the nature of this work, I'm often given limited time to show people the full breadth of my work that stretches across nearly thirty years of writing (where does that time go?)

Of course, the easiest place to see my principles applied in my writing is in my books, where preview versions are found in various archives online, but it is clear many of you would like a more curated introduction to some essential science fiction and fantasy poems of mine to see what I'm doing.

With this post, then, here are links to nine poems online that can provide a good introduction to what I'm doing and where I may well be headed in the future:
  1. Full Metal Hanuman, Strange Horizons, 2013
  2. The Robo Sutra, Expanded Horizons, 2013
  3. 5 Flavors, Expanded Horizons, 2013
  4. Phaya Nak Goes To The West, Uncanny Magazine, 2016
  5. Narrative of the Naga's Heirs, Uncanny Magazine, 2016
  6. Slices of Failure in Super Science, Uncanny Magazine, 2015
  7. The Deep Ones, Illumen, 2007
  8. Arachne's Daughters and The New Humenu, 2112, Defenestration, 2016
  9. Laostronauts, Demonstra, 2013

I'll soon be releasing a few chapbooks gathering my poems that haven't been readily available for many of my readers so that it will be easier to see these ideas in focus. The above poems will hopefully give you a sense of what's possible and to read my larger collections when time permits. Thanks to everyone for all of your support over the years! 

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