Sunday, November 23, 2014

[Poem] Laostronauts


We weren’t first.
We bickered and chafed.
There was a doubt of equations and purpose.

There were poems and dances,
Bawdy jokes, undocumented heroics.
Lost tools. Fumes and shouts.

At least one species went extinct before
We were through. Some sort of salamander, I think.

A beauty sang “Champa Muang Lao”
Last night by the gantry.
There were fireworks over Vientiane.

We called her The Kinnaly to take us to space.
We’ll return to earth, legends of science
Starting something…

A chain reaction of the soul?

We’re a long way from alchemy and pure karma.
These suits are heavy, just to touch something

           So freely.

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