Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sisavanh Phoutavong selected as Artist of the Week by Nashville Arts

Congratulations to Sisavanh Phouthavong who was selected by Nashville Arts Magazine as the Artist of the Week earlier this month. Her visual artwork was displayed on billboards across Nashville.

Sisavanh Phouthavong is one of the first professional Lao American visual artists and educators of her generation. Over 5,400 Lao refugees resettled in Kansas in the aftermath of the Laotian Civil War that ended in 1975. Through her powerful acrylic work, she confronts the challenges of bicultural memory and documentation.

She considers notions of the abstract and the concrete for those who must remember both their inner and external histories in a diaspora framed by secrecy and loss. Her work probes what is shared, what is felt, and what must remain deeply personal among the lessons passed on to the next generation as it heals and rebuilds. Be sure to keep an eye out for more of her work in the future.

I'm happy to know her work and celebrate her journey as a fearless artist in our community, and an important voice and vision for our generation.

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