Friday, October 06, 2006

Cancel My Trip To Quincy

Wow. Thanks to Power and Politics' reminder, I'd have to say Quincy needs an image makeover if it plans on appearing hospitable to Asian Americans.

Not that it was exactly top on my list of cities to visit in the near future, but getting told to forget my heritage AND the chance of getting beaten up by the police for a parking issue isn't exactly my idea of fun. And this is all in one year!

I mean, what do they do for an encore?

Kick puppies?

Quincy. Pronounced 'Quinzy' by the locals.

But to show that there are no hard feelings (!) here's some fun facts about Quincy before you go hating it:

Also known as "The City of Presidents," they have a population around 88,025 and formed in 1792. Howard Johnson's and Dunkin Donuts also were founded here.

And after all, this fellow looks like he REALLY enjoys their donuts. A little too much, perhaps, but hey, wouldn't you want to have a donut that tastes THAT good?

And now you know.

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