Thursday, October 05, 2006

Giant Robot Spotting

Well, the folks from Giant Robot are definitely taking in the sights here in the Twin Cities, especially hanging around the Walker, where there's tons of remnants from Murakami's old Superflat exhibit. And dissing the Metrodome, but hey, go figure. :)

They're already posting on Eric's blog.

Issues that say: Buy Me

Giant Robot has been a great magazine over the years, and while sometimes I thought there was way too much coverage of the Superflat movement at first, as I see the broader, bigger picture, especially for places where Superflat didn't come, I'm glad GR made the effort to show us what was going on.

Plus, it's still more entertaining a read than most of the magazines out there that are too fashion-prone or too serious without being readable. (Yeah, you know who I'm pointing to.)

In the meantime, quote for the moment is: Un tigre ne proclâme pas sa tigritude, il saute sur sa proie- Wole Soyinka.

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