Thursday, February 17, 2011

[Neologism] Pteroswinophobe! and, uh, Pteroswinophobia.

Just so it's out there, I'm coining the phrase Pteroswinophobe and its root term, Pteroswinophobia the fear of flying pigs in the same vein as TRAmbiguity. According to Google and Wikipedia, I am the first person to mention it. Which may not be legally binding, but I think it helps build a good case for it.

Which I find odd,  as well as the peculiar absence of the alternate aeroswinophobe and the much more rarefied aerosinoswinophobe or fear of flying Chinese pigs. Although in fairness, at least one person has announced the discovery of aeroswinophobia on the internet, just not the aeroswinophobes. That's semantics, though.

Clearly, we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

For as much as we talk about when pigs fly in this culture, no one has an irrational fear of them, or at least the day they actually do arrive? I find that hard to believe.

But mark my words, when that day comes, they'll be looking for this term, and they'll find me, staring right back at them. Oink! I say, Oink!

To some, this is the page of utter, unspeakable terror. Beware!:

Now, how does one overcome Pteroswinophobia? I would imagine cognitive behavior therapy would be among the leading approaches people try first. Never let it be said that we don't take responsibility for identifying both the problems and the cures over here! :)

Meanwhile the gauntlet is thrown down before Barbara Jane Reyes and Oscar Bermeo to discuss the prevalence of Pteropinoyswinophobia in transgressive poetics. After they're done rooting for that pre-Cylon Watson on Jeopardy, apparently.

P.S. A big happy birthday to Gina Kundan.

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