Tuesday, June 26, 2012

[Poem] Pavlov's Menagerie Ruminates

Well, better this than life

In an electrified rat cage,
Hugging Harlow's wire mothers,
Getting stuffed in Schrödinger’s lethal boxes
Or getting launched into low orbit

To bathe in cosmic rays for the Kremlin
Because I couldn't sign fast enough
Or cuddle a kitten in front of a camera.

Navigating the thin-walled maze
Between best friend
Or mad moments like Cujo

I've still got most of my original equipment.
I'm fed.

One ring, and my belly goes hollow
As the average human soul.

Lately, I gnaw on memories more than substance
But I'm still not a sheep,

And no one begs for my vote.

From On the Other Side of the Eye, 2007

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