Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Kaiju-a-Gogo new target: Vientiane!

The Kaiju-A-Gogo kickstarter is still on and needs help crossing the finishing line! One particular reason I'm excited for this game is that if it gets funded, Vientiane will be one of the official cities you can send your monster rampaging through! How cool is that?

There's a big push on social media today to raise awareness about this fun game that's inspired by such classics as Rampage, Crush Crumble and Chomp! and X-Com.

They're at 44% with less than a week to go now to raise $50K, which I think should be more than doable with a great result at the end.

Among the other cities you can stomp on are Vancouver, Calgary, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Detroit, Toronto, New York, Mexico City, San Jose, Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Dakar, Lisbon, Reykjavik, London, Paris, Stockholm, Cairo, Moscow, Rome, Mogadishu, Johannesburg, Bombay, Delhi, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo (but of course)!

But when was the last chance you could take a giant robot dinosaur or a monstrous plant to attack Vientiane? 

If you back the project at $90 you can even decide one of the landmarks that gets destroyed. If you back the project at just a little under $400, you can even decide another city that can be attacked.

As a quick recap of what giant monsters might see in Vientiane, it is the capital and largest city of Laos, situated on the Mekong River. It was the host to the 25th Southeast Asian Games in 2009, which also marked 50 years of the SEA Games. It has a population of 210,000 living in a space of 1,514 sq miles. 

While there aren't many tall buildings, there are still many interesting sights to take in, including the Buddha Park (Spirit City of Xieng Khuan), That Dam, where an ancient Nak is said to still reside who rises up to defend Vientiane in times of trouble, the Patuxai monument, and That Luang. 

Which ones will make it into the final game? That's still being decided, but you'll know it when you see it!

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