Saturday, June 28, 2014

Nong Hak enters final push to raise $30K as Laos' second horror movie in history

The final push is on as Mattie Do enters the last week for her Indiegogo campaign!

She's raised 60% of her production costs to make the second horror film in Laos' history, but she still needs help getting the word out!

She's getting ready to shoot her second feature film, ນ້ອງຮັກ (Nong Hak), or in English, DEAREST SISTER, this fall on location in Vientiane and out in the jungles in the surrounding province.

Hopefully, she’ll get through this film without any dengue fever outbreaks, unlike her last film.

Nong Hak will be ONLY the 13th Lao feature film ever made. How fitting it should be a horror film. Mattie Do anticipates it will be one of the most ambitious films ever produced in Laos. "Nong Hak is the story of a Lao village girl, whose only chance of escaping indentured poverty is to manipulate her wealthy cousin’s illness into dependence. Oh, and it’s got ghosts, too."

Good enough for me! Let's help her do make it happen!

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