Friday, November 21, 2014

Are we ready to recap?

So, this week the ever effervescent A.C. Wise threw down the gauntlet of things we've all been doing this year, what we've written that's eligible for this award or that, and also some good resources for those of you whose writing falls under the strange, the bizarre, and the unexpected.

I'm not quite ready to do my recap yet, although it does feel like it's been something of a slow year. I'll have to give that some thought while stuffing myself with turkey Laomerican style, along with other savory delights of Lao cuisine.

Meanwhile, newer readers of this blog who are looking for places to submit to may want to research some of my leads I posted earlier in July. I believe at least 90% of them are still up and active and reasonably receptive to writing from Lao American writers, including poets.

I'll hopefully have some other very exciting news to share with all of you in the coming weeks ahead including some answers to some questions many of you have been asking since last year regarding the deluxe edition of DEMONSTRA.  I promise the wait will have been worth it!

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