Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[Poem] Nakology


Not every corpse
Washed ashore
Met their ends

By a feisty Nak fed up
With fools frolicking
In sacred waters,

Splashing and trysting
In Vang Vieng or elsewhere
Between hits of weed
And ya ba drama.

Fear? No,
A healthy respect is advised.
Some tragedies simply have
No magic to them.

But, once in a while,
The river returns a drained body
Bloated but bloodless. A reminder.
Silenced mouths stripped of every tooth,
It is the stuff of local whispers.
Forensics fails to comfort families.

Somewhere, some dream
Of a realm of tranquil waters cleansed.
Draconian waves of the “Other Eden.”
They could lay here an eternity
In their splendid city,
Stargazing immortals
Of pitiless eye.

"Nakology" first appeared in DEMONSTRA in 2013
published by Innsmouth Free Press.

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