Friday, November 18, 2016

DesignerCon 2016

I'll be covering DesignerCon 2016 this weekend, scouting for Lao American designers, artists and other creative folks in Pasadena. See you there! :) Hopefully I'll be pretty easy for you to spot.

There are over 7,120 Laotians in the Greater Los Angeles area and well over 60,000 across the entire state.  Some of our most creative community members live in the area, such as Sayon Syprsoeuth, Kulap Vilaysack, Ova Saopeng, and Cool Town Creations, so we're going Laospotting while taking in all of the great new ideas and creativity on display here from the other communities.

I'm particularly looking forward to Desert, Dinos and A Very Dry Martini, a Laszlo and Zazie Adventure being released by Mike Andrews and Lisa Sirlin Hall.

Now in its 10th year, DesignerCon has over 350 vendors this year showcasing collectible toys and designer goods incorporating urban, underground and pop art. See you there! Tickets are just $10 for one day or $15 for both. A big thanks to Lao American artist Jo Bangphraxay for the heads up!

As you can see, I've already made a new friend:

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