Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Atom becomes Asian American


DC comic hero The Atom has a new face under the mask: Ryan Choi!

He's described from various sources as a naturalized citizen of the United States (originally from mainland China). He was a star pupil of physics professor Ray Palmer, who was the Atom before an event known as "The Infinite Crisis."

Choi is apparently the 4th man to become the Atom (as far as DC's current version of the official continuity is concerned.)

One part of me says: That's great. An Asian American as an iconic superhero. It's not as iconic as, say, Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman. Or the Green Lantern or the Flash. But he's still reasonably recognizable.

As a guy who shrinks.

I'm going to try and avoid saying it looks like a subtle effort to suggest Asians are always good at math, science, and have body parts subject to shrinkage...

I seriously wonder how soon it'll be before he goes up against the Great 10.

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