Monday, July 03, 2006

Upcoming in the Movies

A new report suggests that The Mummy 3 will now be set in China in some contrived plot revolving around the desiccated remains of China's first uber-Emperor Qin Shihuang, who wants revenge on those who turned his team into stone all those years ago. Just great.

On the other hand, ComingSoon.Net has a story posted about the upcoming Dark Matter.

It's supposed to be a film about "the humor, frustration and heartbreak that results when different cultures collide and communication falters. The film follows the story of Liu Xing, a brilliant Chinese science student, who strives to impress his mentor Jacob Reiser (Aiden Quinn) with his theories on the origins of the universe. Helping Liu Xing adapt but unable to protect him from academic politics are Joanna (Meryl Streep), a patron of the university with a passion for all things Chinese, and Hildy (Blair Brown), Reiser's secretary."

May be something to see.

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