Monday, July 10, 2006

WTF: Kung Fu Panda

The Deadbolt and others are reporting that Angelina Jolie will be voicing The Tigress for Dreamworks latest attempt to cash in on modern orientalism, "Kung Fu Panda".

Jack Black will also be featured.

The description thus far released is "Black plays Po the Panda, who slings noodles in a restaurant and loves kung fu but doesn't have the body for it. Jolie will provide the voice of a martial-arts master named Tigress. When Po is revealed as the Chosen One to save the animals, Tigress must get the slacker panda into fighting form."

Just couldn't give these roles to Asian American actors and actresses, eh?

To be fair, Lucy Liu and Jackie Chan are also on board. Yeah, that's just great.

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Heh said...

Death Note had Japanese voice actors for American agents, Howl's Moving Castle also came out in Japanese with Japanese voice actors despite the story being English. If you have a Spanish movie based in Ireland, odds are, you're gonna have Spanish people doing the voices. So just because the story is based in China doesn't make it wrong to have cast members who aren't Chinese. Lighten up. It's whining like yours that kills diversity.