Monday, August 21, 2006

Best Moments As A Writer

Every now and then, I take time to reflect on what are the good moments of being a writer.

I think it's actually 'most of them,' but there are also some points where you say "Wow, that's really pretty cool," even above and beyond the norm.

August has been a really, really good month in that regard. Having been covered in the Pioneer Press for the first time as a writer and the time I spent as a special guest at Diversicon are absolutely unforgettable, key moments.

But it's also the 'smaller moments' in a writer's career that make it all worthwhile.

Can you spot at least 3 things connected to Laos in this picture?

As a Laotian American poet, I just received an e-mail the other day from a complete stranger asking if there was a poem of mine that would make a great tattoo for them.

I sent along some suggestions, but haven't heard back yet if they went ahead and did it.

Still, I'm deeply flattered that someone would even think of doing so in the first place. Thanks! You made my day.

And if anyone DOES actually go through with getting a tattoo of one of my poems on their body, hey, send a picture. I'd really love to see it.

But if you get it translated into Lao, please, double check the spelling. I'd hate to see it end up on Hanzismatter.Com

From the Hanzi Smatter post on a recent episode of The Daily Show.

Update: Ok, some people just called to tell me that I was used as a non-player character in one of their recent role-playing games as an expert on Southeast Asian folklore and cryptozoology, and I didn't get killed or eaten by the aforementioned subjects of my study, so that's pretty neat too. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled across the Pioneer Press article about your writing...what matters is that your work will reach an audience. My husband Tou and I have found your Blog site to be a good resource for happenings in the Hmong/Asian literary world...Rosy.