Saturday, August 12, 2006

Diversicon Saturday Report

Well, Saturday at Diversicon is going well as everyone has been giving great presentations all day long. Thanks to HmoobTeen magazine, we had a fantastic lunch of egg rolls from their current fundraiser. They went really fast, and people are asking where they can get the recipe, and where they can buy more.

In particular, I had a good interview at noon and gave another reading of my poetic work later that afternoon spanning 15 years from my appearances in G-Fan, Astropoetica, Hyphen Magazine, the Paj Ntaub Voice and more.

A special thanks to everyone who has given me so much positive feedback regarding my recent article in the Pioneer Press. :)

This afternoon, I did an autograph session, and am currently typing this in the middle of the annual Diversicon Auction, with many of the proceeds going to the Gordon Dickson Fund to support writers who wish to attend the acclaimed Clarion Science Fiction Writers Workshop. Surprisingly, I've emerged owning a small robot army for future projects.

Later after the auction we will do a year in review of the science fiction, horror and fantasy films from August 2005 to August 2006, as well as a session discussing the Japanese horror film, Ju-On.

In all this has been a great and enjoyable convention, seeing many familiar faces as well as meeting new ones, and it's been an honor being a part of Diversicon and the way they support both readers and writers from diverse backgrounds.

Oh, and Tripmaster Monkey has some recent reviews of mine up over at about The Descent and Lady In The Water.

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