Friday, August 11, 2006

DreamHaven Reading Report

Thanks, everyone for the love and support at the DreamHaven reading. We had over 40 people show up, including members of Northography, Diversicon participants, and Whistling Shade and columnists from the MN Womens Press. It had a lot of energy, and Kelly Link read a very funny and amusing tale of a poet, the undead and misplaced poetry. It was very fun.

I'm now over at Diversicon. I just finished a presentation on Southeast Asian creatures of myth and legend: The naga, yaksha, garuda, kinaree, nguoi rung, and various phi, as well as the Laotian cryptids were featured. Everyone responded very well with great questions and comments.

Thank you!

You can also catch a great article about me in the Friday edition of the Pioneer Press.


mor chang said...

Congratulations, Bryan!

What an outcome! Wish if we could attend!

Lee Herrick said...

It sounds like a fun time, Bryan. Congratulations on the nice article in the Pioneer Press, too. It's good reading.