Saturday, June 14, 2008

Haiku Reviews: Comic Books

With new Hulk movie
Time to review comic books
Made into movies.

Batman Returns
Living with you? Dreams.
Orphans' skills? "Rebuild" from dark,
Keep masks, lives apart.

Spider Man 2
Arm yourself wisely.
What will hold you together:
Hands, webs, hearts or self?

Strong green marvel: Heart,
You won't like me when angry.
Exploited. In love.

Walking hidden here,
At least you've chosen a "side".
Love, fear, what matters?

To see, deep, fearless:
How to escape Hell's Kitchen?
A Bullseye will cost.

Superman Returns
Adopting. Growing.
Illegal alien: Son.
Truth. Justice. A way?

We like not knowing?
Sometimes what we look for, finds.
Family, questions.

Mystery Men
Here, "the other guys":
Often the ordinary,
Dreams, misfits collide.

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