Sunday, June 22, 2008

James Bond Haikus

Quantum of Solace:
Next Bond film arriving soon.
Here then, some reviews.

Never Say Never Again
Train, rest, find trouble.
Spectres fade like thunderballs.
Quit with a beauty.

Die Another Day
Capture frigid hearts
Change your face but not the soul:
Deadly borders meet.

Tomorrow Never Dies
News for Destiny:
Remembering costs you,
No one can cheat death.

Live And Let Die
Stacking decks your way
Kisses cost more lives than guns
When found in wrong arms.

You Only Live Twice
Walking in these boots,
Dreams for many are simple.
For some? Quite changing.

A View To A Kill
Leap. Risk for control
By flame, flood, sand, snow or fault.
Races will surprise.

The World Is Not Enough
What is your true price?
Claim: "Orbis non sufficit."
Search. Explode. Atone.

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