Friday, June 06, 2008

Haiku Reviews: 10 Sci Fi Favorites

Reflecting on films.
Some classic, others less so.
In haiku format. ;)

Enemy Mine
What we can become:
Conflicts with the alien
Teaches most ending.

Blade Runner
Looking for something,
Urban, flaming brief dreaming:
Foreigness, ending?

Here, children of war.
Lives among refuse renewed.
What is it, to fail?

Enemies within,
From all sides far from home, time:
Purpose uncertain.

T2: Judgement Day
Fighting the future?
Changing faces on the road,
Transcend 'certainty'.

What do we hunt for?
Answers that skin you to soul,
To live, or pay back?

Total Recall
Flexible, our 'truth'.
We pay for our memory,
Even a good dream.

Our future emotions:
Liabilities or hope
Worth rebelling for?

Beneath our strange masks:
Looking for water, food, love.
Truly inhuman?

Wake fearless sleepers:
Our dusty souls await the rain,
Challenge, travels, worms.

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