Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ketsana Releases New Album

Lao American rocker Ketsana recently released her new album The Best of Ketsana ELaoTronic Rock, a collection of her greatest hits stretching across two decades of performing. The popular singer's new album contains songs in both English and Lao, including a moving rendition of the Lao classic Champa Muong Lao and her ethereal I Hunger.
Considered the 'Lao Madonna' by many, Ketsana has continued to thrill and entertain audiences with her powerful and eclectic style. She can transition as easily from a soulful Lao tune to high energy power ballads and New Wave standbys, with a repetoire of many stunningly original compositions that embrace all of her modern and traditional sensibilities.
Ketsana was born in Savannakhet, Laos and immigrated in 1978 to America with her mother, grandmother, and 4 brothers. The Vilaylacks first arrived in Chicago during a night blizzard in April. She traces her early years to the city of Algonquin, Illinois, where she started singing for a local choir. By the age of 11, Ketsana became a member of The Strangers, one of the earliest and most influential Lao rock bands led by the acclaimed singer Silavong Keo.
Now based in Tennessee, Ketsana went on to record nine albums, touring internationally in US, Canada, France and Laos. She recently returned to Elgin, Illinois on August 22nd to support several Lao community events, and performed several times in Minnesota this Spring.
Community leaders and her peers actively praise her for her generous support of Lao American organizations and events. Ketsana has been noted for her pioneering work to highlight other Lao musicians and artists across the US. She was responsible for bringing many Minnesota-based talents together during the International Lao New Year Festival, including Gumby AKA Pryce and the rapper Lila T. Rising stars in the Lao music scene such as Alex San Dinero, Malyssa and Evin After also perfromed at that event.
Her new album is available online through Amazon.Com and includes samples to listen to. You can also visit her website at

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