Friday, September 18, 2009

MN Community Honors Dr. Bounlieng Phommasouvanh

On Saturday, September 12th, the Minnesota community honored the service of Dr. Bounlieng Phommasouvanh and his wife, Dr. Samlong Inthaly-Phommasouvanh at the Buasavanh Restaurant and Banquet Hall, 7324 Lakeland Avenue in Brooklyn Park. The evening began at 5:30 PM and went until midnight, and included a traditional Lao baci ceremony, as well as short presentations from community members and his family.

Born in Laos, Dr. Phommasouvanh has had an extensive role in the community in education. Dr. Phommasouvanh served with the Minneapolis Public Schools, the Minnesota Department of Children, Families, and Learning and the Minnesota Department of Education. His other professional experiences also include time as a high school principal, ESL/Bilingual Education teacher and a college professor. He has frequently presented on issues of community development and education.

Dr. Phommasouvanh founded the Association of Positive Promotion of Lao Ethnics of Iowa (APPLE) in 1977. He was instrumental in organizing the Federation of Lao Associations of America and the creation of the Lao PTA of Minnesota. He is now retiring and moving to San Diego, California with his wife.

Cha Lee, on behalf of Congresswoman Betty McCollum presented Dr. Phommasouvanh with a special Congressional certificate thanking him for his service. Guests were then treated to an authentic Lao buffet dinner, followed by live entertainment from the live band, Lucky Star.

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