Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lao Oral History Archive Exhibit reception: April 28th in San Pablo, California

The Center for Lao Studies invites you "to a special Lao cultural and educational event to celebrate the Lao Oral History Archive (LOHA) exhibit, "Refugees Among Us: An Exhibition of the Multi-ethnic Lao Community in San Pablo, CA."

The reception will be held April 28th, from 12-5pm at the San Pablo Art Gallery, 13831 San Pablo Ave., San Pablo, CA. An event for the entire family, the day will feature Lao food, traditional Lao performances, and a discussion on the history of Southeast Asian refugees.

"Refugees Among Us" is a multimedia gallery display, with photos, artifacts, and video interviews featuring the untold stories of San Pablo's Lao refugees. Five interviewees tell their stories of life in refugee and re-education camps after fleeing Laos between 1975 and the 1990s, followed by the difficulties of resettlement and adjustment to the U.S. that continue for many today. The exhibit will run from April 6th to May 5th.

The exhibit is the first to come out of the Center for Lao Studies' national Lao Oral History Archive (LOHA) project, which is the first to disseminate the voices of the underrepresented Lao population, whose stories of immigration reflect unique moments in both Lao and American history. More than 25 families have been interviewed across the country since 2009. Their stories can be heard at

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