Monday, April 22, 2013

One Week Left for the Voices from Laos Fundraiser

The Voices from Laos tour has been an amazing success bringing communities together from across the country to address the issue of UXO lingering in Laos after 40 years. The Women for Peace & Hope in Laos are also winding down the last 7 days of their fundraiser to help support the efforts of these men and women. Please consider donating, and help them reach their target of $3,000 to support UXO clearance. 

Legacies of War is the only U.S. non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of Vietnam war-era bombing of Laos. They launched a nationwide tour featuring speakers from Laos in April 2013. One of the speakers on the tour is a mother and UXO deminer named Manixia Thor. The majority of deminers are women working in dangerous environments to remove bombs, which impacts the livelihoods of children and families on a daily basis.


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